Looking for car wreckers Sunshine Coast online? Finding a reliable car wrecker could not be much easier, but with A1 Wreckers, there is an exception. We are a popular choice for the past several areas in Sunshine Coast and among its suburbs. We dismantle and recycle all makes and models that include American, European, Japanese, Korean, and Classic cars for the best price. Also, we offer high-quality recycled auto parts. Whether you need our car wrecking service or parts for your car, call us, and we will be there to help you. Look at the following other ways through which you can contact us:

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Wrecked Car Removal Near Me

We have an extensive range of quality spare auto parts that we sell at affordable price. Our range of car parts includes engines, gearboxes, headlights, motors, bumpers, axles, and other interior parts.

We have auto parts in stock for all makes such as:

We sell quality parts with a 3 month warranty period to make sure you don’t face any trouble.

What Is The Best Time To Call Car Wreckers?

A car works like a machine which helps you budge from point A to point B in no time, but when some auto parts fail, it will start giving you warning indicators. For example, it could be a failure to start your car at the first go or your engine may set on fire while driving. Similarly, various other reasons may cause your car to break down, including mechanical damages and transmission problems. In case, you delay calling the car wreckers Sunshine Coast, all of these may build up and make the damage worse. Whether you have a small SUV or a big truck, we provide free car removal Sunshine Coast wide. Once we settle an appointment for visual inspection of your vehicle, we will arrive with all the necessary paperwork to lawfully buy your car for cash.

We Are Environment-Friendly Car Recyclers

A1 Wreckers is offering you a hassle-free and environment-friendly car recycling service. Being top car wreckers, we are fully licensed and insured. We handle all the paperwork and follow all environment-friendly car recycling practices. Car recycling is one of the best options when vehicle repair and maintenance exceeds the actual value of the vehicle. It is also an excellent option when the vehicle is damaged beyond repair, and you find no value of you decide to trade-in. Wreck your car for cash as it will not only benefit you but the environment as well. Instead of letting your unwanted car rust away in your garage or at landfill only to rot, call us and maximize your car’s value in Sunshine Coast up to $20,000.