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A1wreckers provide best cash for cars Brisbane offers. We are in the north of Brisbane in Brendale for the past 10 years. We purchase all types of cars whether it’s damaged, scrap, used or old with free pickup in Brisbane region. As a trusted company, with 10 years of experience and a highly trained team of professionals working for us. We go to our customers to pick the unwanted vehicle from their premises and give them a top price of up to $20,000 which most wreckers cannot beat.

Also, We know how difficult it is for customers to sell their cars. We have made the whole process simple. We provide customers with a free quote for their cars. All they have to do is fill in the details on the free online form such as odometer reading, make, model, condition etc. You’ll receive the best price for your car immediately if you follow all these steps.

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Serving QLD Since 2006 – Quickly Sell Your Car Now

A well-known car dealer for more than 10 years that offers cash for any vehicle within the Brisbane region. We have tow trucks on road 6 days a week, collecting cars from different parts of Queensland. That’s why we are big and that’s why people know that we pay top dollars for car removal regardless of its location and running condition. In a matter of minutes, you can sell your car to us and get cash. We offer scheduled and instant pick up, plus we offer a wide variety of payment methods including cash, bank transfer, and cheque whatever suits you. We simply need the following information either via text, call, or through inquiry.

  • Your Name
  • Location
  • Email Address
  • Contact Number
  • Your car’s make, model, year, and condition.
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Best Place To Sell Scrap Car Brisbane

Get top cash for scrap, wrecked or junk car. We will recycle it and dispose of the harmful parts carefully to keep our environment eco-friendly. Get maximum cash on the spot for recycling a car. Isn’t it amazing? Many people don;t know that they can get money for their unwanted scrap. In old times people use to pay to tow away these scrap vehicles from their premises while now things have changed. Now you can get cash for cars in Brisbane easily with one call.

We buy a variety of cars whether it be SUVs, sedans, buses, trucks, Ute, or 4×4. It is possible for us to remove your car from your home, office, roadway, parking area, and more but we need to verify your ownership through proof of identity. Also, a PPSR check to verify the car history.

We accept all makes and models of cars in all conditions. Customers can get instant cash of up to $20,000 for cars in Brisbane wide such as:

We are not picky about the types of cars. If you are in the market for selling a car, Call us. Our customer service representatives will get in touch with you and provide you with a free quote for your car.

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A1 Car Wreckers Brisbane Buys Unwanted Cars

Analyzing the right value of your car is not an easy job for everyone.  On top there is another question that arises in mind; how much is my car worth?

All you need to do is to ring us and inquire about your car. We will ask you a few questions and maybe a picture of your car or engine to analyze the right value. We give you better but the best price.

Car wreckers around Brisbane mostly say they offer free pickup. In reality, they do not as soon as you tell them your suburb.  We deliver what we promise and that’s why we are one of the biggest and oldest wreckers in Brisbane.  Price beat offers are available to wreck any type of vehicle. We even provide a junk car body removal service.

Along with cash for cars Brisbane services we sell quality auto parts as well. We have the stock for more than 700 cars, the largest in the North Brisbane area.

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Our Unique Car Removal Services

Car removal Brisbane is one of our unique and bigger services. Removing a vehicle from back yard sounds very easy but taking precautions from every perspective and safely removing the car is what a1 wreckers is known for. We provide many different types of services within auto removal which includes:

Cash 4 Any Cars – Any Make – Any Model

When it comes to buying a vehicle, things can get a bit tricky! But when it comes to buying a Mazda, we are ready to top cash for Mazda cars. Mazda is one such automaker that strives to fulfill as many different consumers’ wants and needs as possible. Below are some excellent reasons which always compel us for buying Mazda:

  • Elegant Design
  • Innovative SKYACTIV Technology
  • ACTIVESENSE Safety Technology
  • Extraordinary Comfort
  • Quality Above All

The top secret behind the greatness of Mazda is its KODO design and SKYACTIV technology. The design of Mazda is the fusion of beauty and functionality. Every model of Mazda has aerodynamic and sleek lines that enhance its visual beauty of it. When it comes to technology, Mazda shows greater fuel efficiency and emissions reductions. Overall, Mazda has always been a symbol of reliability and quality. It is the perfect choice for drivers who are looking for an affordable car that looks attractive, handles well, and is super durable at the same time.

At A1 Wreckers, we are Mazda removal experts who make sure you get the highest cash for Mazda cars. If you are looking to sell any of your old, damaged, or unwanted Mazda, call us all it takes. You can fill out our “Get Quote” in Minutes form with the basic details about yourself and the vehicle and submit it to us. Within a short time, our team will contact you with the best cash for cars Brisbane offer. Mutually, we can decide the time and date to tow away your vehicle and pay you cash for Mazda cars on the spot.

“To us, Mazda attracts attention and creates emotions.”

Nissan is one of the most popular auto brands, and there are plenty of reasons that make us buy Nissan almost every time and pay top cash for Nissan cars. Who wants to drive a boring vehicle, when we can drive Nissan? If you see a car on the road and think, wow, that’s pretty unique and cool, you’re probably looking at a Nissan.  Every single time when we buy Nissan, we have peace of mind knowing that we will be receiving amazing value for our dollar. There is something in every Nissan car to meet your needs.

Nissan is a car brand that always comes up with the newest technological vehicle upgrades in the industry. All models of Nissan use radar technology to give you audio and visual warnings for potential hazards, and when needed, an Intelligent Emergency Brake will reduce speed to avoid the accident. Its Intelligent Around-View Monitor comprises four cameras to give you a virtual 360-degree bird’s eye view of your surroundings.

For Nissan, safety is priceless; that’s what makes it great!

If you are looking for a way to sell your Nissan to us and earn top cash for cars Brisbane, all you need to do is follow these steps:

  • Call us
  • Submit our form in Minutes form with the basic details about your vehicle
  • Schedule an appointment with us
  • Get paid cash for Nissan cars on the same day of car removal

We are ready to pay top cash for Toyota cars as it is a car that meets our needs, is durable, reliable, and, most importantly has the highest resale value. One of the top reasons that always make us buy Toyota is its reliability. It may be surprising, but 80 percent of different models of Toyota’s sold in the last twenty years are still on the road. That’s incredible durability that will surely help us in the long-term savings.

Besides reliability, Toyota earns top marks for quality. Whenever people think about hybrid vehicles, Toyota is the name that comes to mind due to the huge success they achieved after the manufacturing of their first mass-produced hybrid model, the Toyota Prius. There are also many safety features built in the models of Toyota that make it safest and great to drive.

  • Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC)
  • Automatic High Beams (AHB)
  • Pre-Collision System
  • Lane Departure Alert
  • Lane Tracking Assist (LTA)
  • Road Sign Assist

Overall, Toyota is worth a good, long look!

What if you find out that, we at A1 Wreckers is giving you free towing services without any hidden charges for every model of Toyota. Our team is known to be specialized in towing away your vehicle without damaging your property, and at the same moment, you will be handed the cash for Toyota cars, which will be finalized between us.

  • We provide instant offers either through phone or inquiry
  • Once you accept our offer, we come to you and complete the car removal process as early as possible.

Ford is a brand that fulfills the definition of mainstream. It has been the most popular choice for car buyers who are ready to pay cash for Ford cars and become a part of the Ford family. To us, Ford is a brand that ticks all the boxes, offering benchmark pricing, technical innovation, and a family-friendly car range.

In the automotive industry, Ford has one of the most technology-rich lineups. From the smallest Fiesta to the largest F-series, every buyer will find the technology that they have been looking for. Ford comes up with the broadest range of cars, which makes it great for every car buyer. Ford sets the benchmark prices and sits in the middle of the market. That means it’s not a bargain budget brand, but equally, it’s not in the premium market. Moreover, Ford is a great all-rounder and tends to offer the things that buyers are looking for most.

If the time has finally come to upgrade by selling your Ford car, A1 Wreckers will make a comprehensive and fair assessment of the valuation of your vehicle. We appreciate that many modifications may have been made over the years, which potentially adds value to your car. Our valuation will be an authentic and fair assessment based on the details you provide us and the current state of the market at that time.

No matter which Ford you may have, from the Ford Mondeo through to the Ford Galaxy, they are all quality vehicles. We believe that Ford cars are a masterful piece of manufacturing, and that’s why we’re looking for Ford cars in quality condition, giving us the best product and you the best cash for Ford cars in return.

Hyundai is one of the leading Korean car manufacturers known for its innovative technology and durability.

Hyundai vehicles are significant rivals to brands such as

  • Ford
  • Vauxhall
  • Volkswagen
  • Mitsubishi
  • Fiat
  • Nissan
  • Toyota
  • Daimler

All Hyundai vehicles are loaded with the latest features and innovative design components, especially for their price. And these cars are backed with one of the car industry’s most extended warranties. So not only do these vehicles work well, they are even valuable for their parts.

Today’s line up of Hyundai’s cars show how far they have come compared to their humble beginnings; their vast range includes:

  • The economic range which includes cars such as Accent
  • Popular compact vehicles such as Elantra
  • Midsize vehicle including Sonata sedans and Sonata Hybrid
  • Sporty range including Genesis and Veloster coupe
  • Stylish SUVs like
  • Premium luxury sedans like Equus

A1Wreckers is Hyundai car removal experts. We pay customers, top cash for their Hyundai vehicle no matter their model or age. So customers can quickly sell their old, damaged, unwanted, and scrap Hyundai and receive FREE car removals from anywhere in your city.

We take no more than 24-hours to buy your car and offer you instant cash for cars Brisbane without delay. Moreover, all the vehicles we remove are used for scrap metals and auto parts and recycle them in an eco-friendly manner to preserve the integrity of our environment. Because just like Hyundai, we too believe in “New thinking, New possibilities”.

Holden is an Australian automobile company owned by General Motors. Holden is a brand that is built on forward-thinking. And it has gained the reputation of playing a significant role in delivering better car designs and delivering each car with top-notch parts for better performance.

The most popular models of Holden cars in Australia include:

  • HK Monaro
  • LC Torana
  • HQ range
  • Commodore VN
  • Commodore-VT
  • Commodore VE

Recently, Holden took its last breath when General Motors declared 31 December 2020 as Holden’s last day, and by January 2021, there were reportedly zero cars sold by the brand.

This means there are many Holden cars on the road in Australia that is no longer in production. Car owners that own Holden vehicles may have a hard time finding its part of having them repaired. So, if you want to sell your old Holden cars, get in touch with us.

We are the top Holden buyers in Australia and offer customers convenient services such as

  • Same-day car removal
  • No hidden or towing charges
  • Pay top cash for Holden vehicles no matter the condition
  • All models of Holden are acceptable for our services

With A1Wreckers, you can sell your car in a safe and risk-free manner and receive the most competitive cash for Holden cars.

Subaru car manufacturer is the automotive division of Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI), a sizeable multifaceted manufacturer of transport equipment based in Japan.  The first car was built in 1954; before that, FHI was a major supplier of aircraft.

All Subaru vehicles are intelligently designed with keeping functionality and performance in mind. In addition, these vehicles are specially engineered to deal with unpredictable weather and road conditions. Subaru is best known for its All-Wheel-Drive technology, which is its differentiating factor from other Japanese manufacturers.

Subaru is in 10th position for Australia’s bestselling carmakers. And most popular Subaru models in Australia include:

  • Impreza WRX
  • Forester
  • BRZ
  • Liberty
  • Outback
  • XV

Most people choose Subaru because of its safety features. That is because Subaru has one of the most highly praised safety features by the world’s top safety institutes. Whether car buyers want exhilarating performance, easy day-to-day driving experience, or a thrilling adventure, these vehicles are built to handle exactly that.

If you are in the market to sell your unwanted Subaru, contact A1Wreckers. We are the top Subaru buyers in Australia and provide an easy way to sell your vehicle and earn top cash for cars Brisbane.

Just follow the steps below:

  • Reach out to us via call or online form
  • Provide your car’s details and information about its current condition
  • Schedule inspection and pick-up according to your convenience
  • Get paid cash for Subaru cars and free car removals city-wide

Just 1 click away and we pay you top cash!