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If your car is damaged beyond repair or it has been totaled due to accident or natural disaster, A1 Wreckers is a top salvage car buyer that will help you to sell your car quickly and efficiently.

We have an established network covering the entire Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, and many more suburbs.  We quote the best prices for all kinds of

We also make sure that before we buy your car, all the relevant paperwork is processed and the payment is cleared.

What Does The Word Salvage Mean?

A salvage title is conferred to vehicles that are severely damaged and the damages are so huge that the cost of repair is more than the original value of a vehicle.

The insurance companies deem such vehicles as a total loss and will not continue to cover its repair expenses. The best way to get rid of a salvage car is to sell it to salvage car buyer companies such as A1 Wreckers, we pay top cash and provide free car removal Brisbane Service.

What Is The Value Of A Salvage Car?

Complete our free quote form and submit it today and let us give you the highest value for your salvage vehicle. All we need is your ID card and vehicle keys, and we will pay you cash for salvage cars on the spot.

Our offer is usually higher than the value of the insurance company. However, if you decide to keep the salvage, the insurance company will offer you a check nearly the market value of your unwanted car but less than the salvage amount they were given.

Now, decide whether you would like to keep your salvage or sell it to used scrap car buyer.

Where To Sell My Salvage Car?

These days, it is relatively easy to find a salvage car buyer in every other suburb, but the salvage car value may vary by your location.

Many salvage car buying companies may charge you a hefty amount for towing your vehicle. The best part about A1 Wreckers is that we operate nationwide. We have a network of scrapyards in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, and other suburbs to tow your vehicle within a day without taking any charges or fees from you.

If you need fast and top cash for scrap cars in Brisbane, you have found one. It doesn’t matter if you have a van, car, SUV, Ute, truck or jeep we are the best place to sell a salvage car.

Call us now and get your free quote today.