Are you someone who wants to know tips for buying a used car in Sunshine Coast, QLD? If your answer is yes, then you are in the correct place. This guide will give you amazing tips for buying a used car in QLD. But before learning about car buying tips in Sunshine Coast Queensland, first, you need to understand why buying a used car in QLD is a good choice. Moreover, if you want to sell your used Car for cash and you want a reliable car buyer, then we are the best choice.

Why Buying a Used Car is Beneficial?

Buying a used car has numerous advantages, which are enhanced by the current disruption to the manufacturing and delivery of new cars due to the global pandemic. Buying a used car carries various risks related to the Car’s history, condition, expiration of warranties, and the possibility of hidden damage. An intelligent buyer should consider several aspects, whether purchasing from a private seller or a dealer.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Car in Sunshine Coast QLD.


One of the biggest distinctions between new and used cars is the availability of warranties. All costs related to car issues within the confines of the warranty contract are covered. Because used cars are less dependable, you’ll need to pay for some maintenance soon after you buy one. If the Car has fewer than 160,000 kilometres on its odometer and was manufactured less than ten years ago, you are covered by a statutory car. The warranty expires after the first 5000 kilometres or three months of purchase.

Exterior and Interior of the Car

Small damages are acceptable, but you shouldn’t purchase them if they are more than a specific amount. Check the engine, tires, lights, exhaust, oil, and other accessories to ensure the Car is safe. Purchase a dependable, clean, and roadworthy used car.


Regardless of the type of warranty and even after it has expired, you are entitled to a guarantee if you buy a used car, Sunshine Coast QLD, from a licensed motor sale or auction. The guarantee must last for a reasonable period. Every Car has a separate guarantee amount, which varies according to the Car’s cost and quality.


The registration certificate and the Car’s identifying number, engine number, and number plate must match. The Car must have a valid Queensland safety certificate, which guarantees the vehicle’s roadworthiness and that the certificate hasn’t expired. A certificate from the Personal Property Securities Register ensures that the Car you are purchasing has never been reported stolen and has no outstanding debt.

Amazing Tips for Buying a Used Car In Sunshine Coast QLD

Buying a used car in QLD is very easy. Just Follow our car buying tips for hassle-free purchasing.

Inspect Damaged Car

Remember that not all damage is readily apparent when purchasing a used car. Although buying a car before checking it for evident damage would be unethical, certain used cars may contain damage hidden from untrained sight. Because of this, you should never purchase a used car without first having it inspected for concealed damage by a trained mechanic.

Even if the Car appears in excellent condition, you risk purchasing a car involved in an accident if you need a qualified mechanic to perform a thorough inspection.  This indicates that the Car sustained major damage in an accident and was restored to seem brand new, which may impact the Car’s total worth. Refurbished cars that have been in accidents usually only fetch 60% of the value of comparable, accident-free cars.

Used Cars Should Be Free from Encumbrances.

Ensure your chosen vehicle is free of encumbrances before purchasing a used car. For instance, someone can try to sell you a car with outstanding debt. This may lead to the lender taking possession of the Car to pay off the outstanding debt, leaving you without a car or the money you paid for it and requiring you to file a lawsuit to recover a portion of your losses. Purchasing a Pre-Owned Certified car is an excellent choice if you want assurance that the used Car you are buying is free of debt.

Trade your Old Car.

When purchasing a used car, consider adding value to your new Car by trading in your old one. This can drastically lower the price you have to pay for a high-quality used car. But only when purchasing through a dealership is it a possibility. Another advantage of trading in your old car when buying a used one is that you won’t have to deal with the hassle of finding a serious buyer after purchasing a new one.

Where can we buy a used car in Sunshine Coast, QLD?

Purchase a Used Car from a Certified and Licensed Sunshine Coast QLD Dealer.

Purchasing a car from a certified and licensed dealer is the safest option. Its many benefits include:

  • The ability to test drive the car before making a purchase.
  • A statutory warranty from the dealer protects you from losses in the event of a malfunction.
  • A clear assurance that the Car is debt-free.

Because you are protected by law from motor dealers, you can claim the money if you lose money due to the dealer’s actions. You have one business day to terminate the contract if you decide to change your mind, and there are no penalties. The dealer cannot cancel the contract during the cooling-off period.

Directly Buying a Used Car from a Car Owner

You must use extra caution when purchasing the Car. Buying directly from the owner is less expensive, but a significant fraud risk exists. You lose money if the Car breaks down, and the owner will not issue you a guarantee, statutory warranty, or cooling-off period. If there is a clear assurance, something is awarded. Verify that the seller is the owner and not a car thief. There are no outstanding obligations associated with the car. To ensure the Car is safe, you must get it serviced by a mechanic before purchasing.

Buy a Used Car from a Car Auction

The quickest method of purchasing a car is to bid on it at the auction. A certified chattel auctioneer must oversee the auction. Before the auction, the chattel auctioneers must disclose certain information, such as the car’s statutory warranty status. You must check the Car before bidding, but test drives are prohibited during the auction. The Car up for auction comes with a clear guarantee.


In this blog, we discussed why buying a used car is useful, things to consider before buying a used car, smart tips for buying a used car, and also where you can buy a used car in Sunshine Coast QLD. Let’s closely look at used car buying options like purchasing a used car from a certified and licensed Sunshine Coast QLD dealer, buying a used car directly from a car owner, buying a used car from a car auction, etc. Every option has its advantages and disadvantages. Now, you need to see which option is perfect for you.


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