When it comes to selling a used but running car, there are plenty of ways! But what about scrap vehicles? How to dispose of a car in NSW that is non-running or un-roadworthy?

Do you know a 12-month Analysis by Car History data shows that every year over 2.5 million used cars are sold in Australia?
Out of these, more than 250,0001, (that makes up to 92% of the vehicles) are declared written-off or flooded.

Unlike the market for second-hand running cars, the market for un-roadowrthy vehicles is small as only a handful of buyers will be interested in buying junk, scrap or written-off. And rightly so. Such cars are no less than an additional burden for both the owner and the planet. And an unwanted eyesore.

So, how to dispose of a scrap car or truck in NSW? Relax!
There are still quite a lot of options for you. Let’s explore them one by one:

First Things First: How To Define An End-of-Life Vehicle?

An End-of-life Vehicle, short for ELV, is a car, truck, or commercial Vehicle that has been driven till its useful period and is now due to be disposed of or scrapped. It is essential to dispose of ELVs using licensed Authorized Treatment Facilities or, in other words, Permitted Scrapyards.

Methods of Scrap Car Disposal in NSW

An End-of-life Vehicle, short for ELV, is a car, truck, or commercial Vehicle that has been driven till its useful period and is now due to be disposed of or scrapped. It is essential to dispose of ELVs using licensed Authorized Treatment Facilities or, in other words, Permitted Scrapyards.

1) Selling Scrap Car Privately

Selling privately a non-running car takes a great deal of your time as well as monetary investment. In all honesty, it is only possible if your Vehicle is a coveted model or has valuable parts.  And, you will probably need to show it to a host of potential buyers before you land your final offer.

You can sell any car privately. Dealers and trade-ins may be looking for a specific model or type, but selling privately will make you more money. How? By selling directly, you do not have to pay dealers.

2) Selling To A Scrap Yard

Have a nearby junkyard or scrapyard facility? Well, you can always sell your vehicle to them.
Junkyards and scrapyards are a lot more suitable for disposing of a vehicle in NSW that is non-running.
However, the only drawback is a junkyard is typically going to pay according to the weight of the scrap metal in your Vehicle. And you will have to bear the expensive towing fees.

3) Getting Cash for Cars

Luckily, many online buyers buy damaged and wrecked cars. And A1 Wreckers is at the forefront.
We are a leading Cash for Car Sydney and Wrecker providing online services. We enable customers to sell their cars in a couple of clicks from miles away. All you need to do is open our Site, fill in the required fields in the Online Form and get an Instant offer. If the offer is to your liking, schedule an Inspection Visit and get your car removed same-day.

4) Scrapping With A Car Wrecker

Is the vehicle been long-standing in your garage with no interested buyers? Don’t feel disheartened. There is still a way you can get rid of it by tearing it apart.

Search for professional wreckers in your region and get your Vehicle transferred to the location. They will dismantle the Vehicle, salvage the auto parts, divide the working from non-working, reuse or resell the working auto parts and sell the non-working ones with the emptied car metal frame as scrap.

5) Consult Mechanics and Repair Shops

More often than not, your go-to mechanic and repair shops might even be interested in buying your scrap. So, you can also check with them if they are interested in buying your Vehicle.

6) Donate your Car to Charity

Not running after monetary gains? Do you have a pious intention for doing good deeds? You can consider donating your Vehicle to a local charity. And in return, you may enjoy tax deductions based on your Vehicle’s fair market value.

Cash for Car Vs Selling Privately

Still confused on whether to choose A1 Wreckers for getting cash for cars or hop on the private selling journey?

We have made it easier for you to decide. Check out the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

Pros of Private Selling

  • Better price guarantee as you can earn more from the purchase.
  • You can sell any type or model of Vehicle- even Specialty Vehicles.

Cons of Private Selling

  • Extremely difficult to sell a Scrap, Junk, Written-off, or Accidental Cars and Trucks.
  • There will be delays in payment.
  • It takes Longer to find a Buyer and successfully strike a deal.
  • Need to do the Hassle of Advertisements, taking pictures etc.
  • The burden of Completing the Legal Obligations, including the Ownership
  • The Liability of Completing the Repair work and cleaning the Vehicle.
  • You may incur Transaction and Towing Costs.
  • You will meet Time-wasters, Window shoppers and No-shows.
  • You will have to go through several rounds of Negotiation.

Important Points to Remember before Disposing of a Vehicle in NSW.

  • All scrap, junk, total loss and ELVs contain hazardous fluids, contaminant gases and other pollutants. Hence, always choose a responsible and Eco-friendly Car Wrecker.
  • Always try to accept cash in payment. Never accept cheques or wire transfers unless mandated by the Law. There is a growing risk of getting scammed these days.
  • Before you select a method, it is important to do your homework. Run a few numbers and get an estimate for your Vehicle.
  • Do not spend on the repairs of a scrap car if the costs exceed the overall worth of the Vehicle.

The Bottom-Line

Have you finally decided to let go of your vehicle?
Hope the above information has given you enough insights on how and where to dispose of your Vehicle in NSW.

While the focus here has been on NSW, it’s worth noting that if you’re located on the Queensland and looking for a similar hassle-free service, A1 Wreckers extends its services to your QLD as well. For those near the Sunshine Coast, you can Get Instant Cash for Scrap Cars on the Sunshine Coast, ensuring that no matter where you are in qld, you have a reliable and efficient option to dispose of your vehicle.

We have highlighted all the important methods and information essential for your disposal. As you might have noticed, each method has its own pros and cons. So, if you prioritize comfort over everything else, close your eyes and call A1 Wreckers to dispose of your Vehicle in NSW.

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