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No need to stress over your scrap car polluting the land. Car Wreckers Sydney offers a safe and environmental-friendly vehicle disposal option.

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The Most Responsible Car Wreckers Sydney

Is your car not running and sitting idle in the driveway for years? Car Wreckers Sydney has a solution for all your damaged, scrap, end-of-life and written-off cars and trucks!

This could be due to any reason. An expired registration. A junk vehicle not able to pass the inspection criteria. Or the car declared written-off or a total loss.
Whatever the reason, with our easy process and the best cash for cars Sydney offers, you won’t have to hassle anymore.

We Pay Fair Value For Cars in Sydney

A1 Auto Wreckers Sydney has been in the industry for more than a decade. Over the years, we have gained a reputation for being the most trustworthy vehicle scrapper and dismantler in the industry.

We value each car according to its make, model, and condition, and our prices are always fair and square. Get your Free Evaluation to decide whether you should proceed with us.

Let’s Learn The Way We Manage Scrap Cars in Sydney

When you hear about our Car Wrecker Sydney, you must ask yourself, why would anyone buy my scrap car or truck?
Well, a junk vehicle holds more value than you imagine. All the end-of-life or damaged cars we purchase are subject to one of the following:


Is the entire vehicle in good working condition with only a few issues? In that case, it is given the essential touch-ups. However, if the car is in shambles, the functional spare parts are salvaged, refurbished, and resold from our workshop.


Then there are times when we choose not to sell the auto parts. And, instead bring them to our use and the remaining metal frame is sold further.


Finally for end-of-life vehicles, the only option left is to recycle the metal frame and scrap metal. The car will be dismantled, the parts removed, the remaining metal frame crushed and sent for further processing and recycling.

Our Car Wrecker Sydney Business Highlights

Car Wreckers is proud to be at the forefront of offering eco-friendly car recycling methods. We never remove your old or broken car and dump it in landfills. Instead, we will take it to our scrapyard and commit to modern recycling practices to salvage all the car parts.

  • Registered and Licensed Car Wrecker Sydney
  • Auto Parts Recycling Association of Australia Guidelines Followed
  • State-of-the-Art Recycling Equipment
  • Only Modern Recycling Methods Employed
  • Eco-friendly Dismantling Techniques
  • Maximum Vehicle Recovery Rate
  • Minimum Land, Water and Air Pollution
  • All Toxic Fluids and Gases are Safely Disposed
  • Largest and Oldest Scrapyard in Sydney
  • Experienced and Highly Trained Staff On Board

A Sneak-peak into Our Car Recycling in Sydney

Car Wreckers Sydney envision changing the traditional practices of the car recycling industry. And, we have the relevant strategies and plans to bring that vision to life. Besides, our offerings are made top-quality by our skilled team. They are always ready to help you and has been experienced in the field for many years.

Let’s quickly go over the process involved:

  1. Your scrap, damaged, accidental, junk, old, and wrecked cars bought are first collected and then transferred to our scrapyard.
  2. The harmful fluids, including battery oil, coolant gases, engine oil, transmission fluids, gasoline, air conditioning refrigerant etc., are disposed of.
  3. The wheels, tires, battery, seats and catalytic converter are safely removed.
  4. The vehicle is dismantled, and all the parts are salvaged.
  5. They are then divided into functional, non-functional and recyclable parts. This is a labour-intensive process often performed by hand.
  6. After all the parts and accessories are removed, the remaining metal frame is further processed. It is crushed flat or cubed for bulk transportation to an industrial shredder or hammer mill.
  7. The frame is crushed further in an industrial shredder and sent for recycling.
  8. Pure metal is recovered. The rest of the filler content, such as glass, plastic, and rubber sorted and separated from the mix.
  9. The leftover automotive shredder residue is responsibly discarded into landfills while the recovered metal is brought to reuse.

Go Green With Car Wreckers Sydney

Let’s join hands and be a part of the green revolution by selecting us as Car Wreckers Sydney. We buy all makes and models of vehicles regardless of the condition or age. Broken or accidental cars, vans, SUVs, trucks, 4×4, etc.

Please pick up your phone and ring us to get a free Quote. We will schedule your car pick-up within the next 24 hours.

And you get top cash for car removal on the spot up to $9,999. No need to run around to get quotes. Or wait endlessly to receive your payment.