How can you figure out what your junk car is worth? It’s easier than you think. Most of us will have our automobiles reduced to scrap by accident or natural calamity at some point.

Everyone believes they can recoup some of the cost of a new car by selling their wrecked vehicle. Your insurance company may offer you money for your car, but you must decide if that’s the best way. 

Definition Of “salvage Car”

First, let’s establish some terminology. A vehicle is declared salvaged when the estimated cost of repairs exceeds the car’s overall worth. The concept of “salvage” might be somewhat general. Your rare car may become scrap after a minor collision if it requires specialized mechanics and pricey replacement parts to fix. Even if it already has a few dents from normal driving, adding another one will only do something to diminish its worth if it’s in a very visible spot.

Let’s discuss the insurance company’s decision to declare a car a total loss or salvage.

When Does A Car Become Considered “salvage”?

Your car is considered a salvage vehicle after an insurance company formally requests that the state issue a title. Expect the insurance adjuster to use a subjective standard to determine whether or not your property is repairable.

Vehicles can be damaged in various traffic incidents, including T-bone collisions, side collisions, head-on collisions, and rollovers. It’s not uncommon for insurance companies to declare both cars a total loss and issue salvage titles.

Vehicle totaling and accidents are common results of severe weather. Whenever news of a tornado ripping through a neighborhood, a hurricane pounding a coastal region, or severe flooding from a town on a river or lake is reported, you can be sure that many vehicles will be declared to be salvaged.

Finally, being involved in an accident with an uninsured driver or colliding with an object can render your vehicle undriveable and worthless outside the salvage market. Knowing the salvage value is essential for getting your feet back under you in these later stages.

Where Can I Look Up The Value Of My Junk Car?

Always remember that a car has value, even if it’s just the metal it’s made of that someone wants to recycle. Here are some of the most important aspects to consider when estimating the salvage value of your vehicle.

Use a market resource like the Kelly Blue Book or the National Automobile Dealers Association’s Used Car Guide to estimate your car’s retail and wholesale value.

Fair market value can be calculated by adding the wholesale price to the retail price and dividing that by 2. The difference between wholesale and retail is half.

Find out what the salvage value is based on in terms of a percentage of the market value used by your insurance company. While the exact percentage can fluctuate, it usually ranges from 75% to 80% of market value.

The fraction can be expressed as a decimal and subtracted from 1. For instance, a salvage value of 75% would be calculated as $0.25 (1.00 minus 0.75).

The final decimal should be multiplied by the current market price. Your salvage value is $2,500 if you double your current market value of $10,000 by a factor of 0.25.

May I Keep My Wrecked Vehicle And Attempt To Get It Repaired Or Resold?

Change the salvage title to rebuilt if you want the automobile, and don’t mind spending the money to fix it up. This is normally inspected according to state, regional, and national laws.

You may keep your wrecked car even if you do not intend to repair it since you value it more than the insurance company’s payout. In most settlement situations, your vehicle will be towed away and sold at auction for scrap metal or used parts.

Even if you don’t take the insurance company up on their offer, you can leave the automobile parked wherever you please (within reason) until you figure out what to do.

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