Rapid changes in the technological field have paved the way for the ignition coil pack technology of today. The modern cars of this day use coil on plug arrangements instead of distributors. Now, cars have lesser moving parts in their ignition system as the coils use newer technology.

If you have a faulty ignition system and you want to say goodbye to your car, cash for cars Sunshine Coast can help. But if you need the answer to how long does an ignition coil pack last, this blog is your complete guide.

What Is An Ignition Coil Pack

The ignition coil pack is one of the most important components of a vehicle that increases the battery’s lower voltage (12V) to a higher one (12k V to 20kV), thus acting as a transformer. This ignites the air and fuel in your car engine’s cylinder and generates the spark for the spark plug.

An ignition coil pack helps in starting the car engine’s overall ignition process.

These Are The Signs of A Faulty Ignition Coil Pack

1: A Stalling Engine and Rough Idling

When your car is idle, a faulty engine will be running rougher than otherwise. Your car engine may stall if the coil pack fault is very severe.

An ignition pack coil’s main function is to power the spark plug system to provide ignition of the air-fuel mixture. If the spark from the coil is irregular or it isn’t providing proper power, the process of combustion in the engine will be disrupted. And so, your engine will start stalling.

Please note that other reasons may also be stalling your vehicle, so get it checked by a professional.

2: The Engine Is Misfiring

When an engine’s cylinder or cylinders aren’t properly firing, it’s a misfire. Even if one cylinder isn’t properly firing, there will not be normal engine power, so you’ll feel something’s wrong with the engine.

The reason can be a faulty coil pack as it’s responsible for supplying power to the spark plugs. When spark plugs don’t get the required power, the cylinder’s air and fuel mixture won’t combust.

3: Engine Light Issue

As you know, most cars have check engine lights. It is found on your car dashboard as a warning light when there is any issue with the car engine.

The sensors in your car feed the required information to the powertrain control module. Whenever the control module detects any irregularity or problem, it’ll try to rectify the problem.

But if you see that the engine light is checked on, the problem might be with your ignition coil pack.

4: The Engine Doesn’t Start

Any fault in the coil pack can cause problems in starting the engine. An issue in the coil pack means the spark plugs are not getting regular power, so the combustion process of the engine will disrupt.

The car will not start if the spark plugs don’t fire correctly. The problem can be in the ignition if the engine isn’t cranking as it normally does. Or the reason can be in the spark plugs, its cables, or the coil pack.

So… How Long Do The Ignition Coils Actually Last

Coil packs don’t have mechanical components like the distributor coils, which means they’re much more reliable. The distributor coils used to last 30k miles, but the coil packs last around 10k miles.

It’s a good idea to have a coil pack unless you need to replace them. But if the coil pack has crossed 100k miles and you are noticing these symptoms, it’s best to check the car’s coil pack.

If the car hasn’t crossed the 100k mile, but still you’re seeing these symptoms, the reason can be the wiring, moisture, extreme weather, or extreme temperature.

The Cost of Replacing The Coil Pack

If you are getting the replacement at the right time, it will never cost higher than $300-$400.

The Bottomline

Replacing a coil pack is not a part of regular maintenance. The replacement is only needed when the spark plugs are not functioning properly and there’s some serious failure. And if the mechanic tells you that your coil packs are faulty, spend the required money and get them replaced.

If you don’t want to replace it because your car’s current value is lower than the replacement cost, get in touch with cash for cars today! We will remove your unwanted car on the same day.

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